Woman jubilates as her husband takes another wife


A Muslim lady with the handle @bellahijabi on Twitter has announced that her husband just got married to a new wife.

According to her, she is more excited about her husband getting married to a second wife.

She tweeted;

“I have a co-wife y’all!!!!! I’m more excited than my husband 😂🤗 May Allah grant us tawfiq and protect us from jealousy and the evil eye. Ameen”

However, her tweets has gotten lots of reaction from Twitter users as some find it surprising for a lady to excitedly accept a new co-wife, while other Muslim defended her.

See some of the reactions below.

See comments and reactions

Chinemelum Okafor: At least Her Hallowed Chambers will rest for a while.

Since a New wife is already on ground, Plenary Session will be held on the New Wife’s Chambers at all times to “discuss critical issues” but “once in a while” in the Old Wife’s Chambers.

The old Wife is now free to go on Recess.

Max Walter: Chai
Such a supportive woman who has kept her wedding vows

I would have been in a meeting now, but the ship Left before my arrival, I’m now Left with relation

Onyeoma Jane: She is at peace and happy with it, nne go ahead.
But aswear, if na me, that woman go turn to househelp, I will then go on leave till further notice.

Victor Agasa: This is a real woman.
A woman who understands that a man should not eat rice everyday.
A woman who loves her husband more than Buhari loves his service chiefs.

Nigerian men deserve this type of women😎😬

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Ojoma Faith: For a woman to jubilate over such news, that means her husband is a sex machine and she’s tired of serving him every second

Ogechi Chilaka: When a woman is married to a man she’s not in love with,she won’t mind sharing him with other women.That’s all I have to say.
Argue with your keyboard.

Woman jubilates as her husband takes another wife
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