Woman narrates how her eldest sister who came for ‘omugwo’ ended up marrying her husband


A woman has shared the story of how a visit from her sister that was meant to be a helpful one, turned out to create a situation that gives her heartache.

In a bid to encourage someone having marital issues, she narrated how she gave birth to her second son and because her mother was no more, her eldest sister visited for omugwo.

According to the woman, after her sister arrived, she started having a secret affair with her husband and her sister got pregnant within one month of her stay.

The troubled woman’s husband then revealed his plans to marry her sister, she vehemently opposed it, and begged her sister to not accept the marriage proposal but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

The mother-of-four further stated that her sister and husband are now married with three children.

Read her story below:

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Ebisco Ekeremor: What do u expect when if u tell does so call wife not to bring their beautiful sister to the matrimonial home they will say u hate their family members. Action speaks louder than voice

Itza Prettybabe: Meaning when the mother will come for this one’s omugwu she go come steal the husband too. That man needs Deliverance because even his neighbors are not safe

Te Me Tope: I wonda y some people are so wicked,did she stil believe that adage that says there is love in sharing ni,oh may be u and your husband usually do love in tokyo in front of her and she,she no gree hold her body again.dnt harm her o.forget abt her being ur sis becos she self she no consider that.just post her picture with HIV Positive or CORO.gbam case close

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Arinzechukwu Paschal: That’s the more reason you didn’t have to 💯 trust anybody not even yourself 😒😒😒
I guess your elder sister wasn’t married as of then and you humbly welcomed her to your house only for her to destroy it and moreover your husband no try for falling for such a bait fullstop. 😔😔😔

Jelite Abimbola: Many unbelievable things keep on happening each and every day. Something like this also happened at ibadan, the worse part is that those involved were twins sisters. Till today they were staying with their aunty husband and giving birth after sending the aunty away. This kind of man is called horse 🏇 band not husband, he can climbed anything climbable

Hart Steph: Well since u now av four kids n ur sister has 3,is indeed a happy family lucky man ..is hard to find such soft hearted women in this generation…

Ify Doris: This is disgusting and irritating to read please. Sometimes i wonder if people still have culture and tradition. Quite sad!

Chinonso Kingsley: I can’t wait to get married so that my sister in-law will come and live with us… My girlfriend always claim to be a career woman

Divine Wisdom: I will never allow a friend or relative that have qualities that my partner desire so much to be too close, most especially if the relative is the loose type…she might think she have succeeded in causing her sister pains but a woman that stole her sister husband can’t be trusted by the man likewise the woman

Ekekwe Nna: Same thing happened in my village,but the finally lived in peace, forgiveness helps, just that the first sis to be married relocated to the village…


I pray that the holy spirit comforts the lady cos it’s really heartbreaking and that forgiveness reigns among them cos Death is the only thing without solution

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