Women actually spend more than men in relationships – Lady says


A Nigerian Twitter user has sparked a debate on the microblogging platform over which gender spends the most in a relationship.

The lady with handle @PreciousCheee, appraised women as being the ones who spend more whilst in relationships.

According to her, in a post on January 6, 2021, they do it without coming out to talk bout it on social media.

She tweeted;

”Women actually spend more than men in a relationship but they don’t come out to say it”

See comments and reactions

Jerrie Bernard: Only a woman who really is in love with her partner.

Not the ones that demand money for everything.

As a guy, if you meet a woman who loves you genuinely, you have the best thing in the world. Be grateful.

Joshua Ikenna: For where! Women with their sense of entitlements, I’ve eating a woman money before, the last lady that did that to me had two kids (that’s like 5 years ago) till today the girl that eventually gave me money still collected the money few weeks later. Nne, ikegwuru o.!

Thaniel Simon: Yes I think I agree with her. She said nothing but the truth.
Women actually spend more than men in a relationship.
The man provides the money, while the woman does the spending. 😉

Ekene Igbokwe: The only things I can confidently say women spend more in relationships are time and emotions, that’s if her love is genuine, i rest my case.

Sandra Onoche: Yes, woman only spend on a man that she loves even to the extents of collecting from other men, family and friends to sponsor her man

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Adolphus Parey: Yes, she’s saying the truth. Women actually spend more than men in a relationship. I spend #800 to barber my hair in a month, but she spends 5k to do her hair in a Month, and it’s all coming out of my pocket.

Jose c : You’re very very wrong…had it been you say some women spend more than men in a relationship, then I’ll concur. After all relationship that needs nothing that will inflict quarrel or separation doesn’t look to that area irrespective of who spend more.

Ijeoma Obilor: Yes, some women spend more especially when the guy in question is jobless or if he doesn’t love her. Aunty will now be buying gifts to impress him & faint later when she finds out he still doesn’t love her & was giving another lady some of the gifts. Inside life!!! 🙄😂🤣


Taiwo Odion: * a relationship where women spend their money is not called relationship but sugar mummy thing.
* a relationship where a man spend on a woman is called investment because the returns matter to him.
* a relationship where both parties spend on each other is called risky, some may ends in marriage and some in break up.

Women actually spend more than men in relationships – Lady says
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