“You have no right to fight your husband over side chick if he’s the one who trained you in school” ~ Lady Says

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A Nigerian lady identified as Joy, has taken to instagram to advise wives to allow their husbands move freely with side chicks.

According to Joy, women whose husbands have already spent so much on them have no right to tell their husbands not to have side chicks.

Joy noted that women who were sponsored in university by their husbands should allow their husbands have side chicks so they can also sponsor them in school.

“If he trained you through school from first year to final year, got you a nice apartment, gave you everything, so now that you are married, you’re fighting your husband over a side chick. You have no right to complain. Leave your husband alone. Let him train other girls too”, she said.

Watch the video below;

See comments and reactions

Perpetual Uzowuru: Why don’t you the side chick find your own man DAT will train you not another person’s husband.
Miz adviser international motivation speaker for side chicks association. wen u got married let ur husband do so as u said🚶🚶🚶🚶

Jovita Mbah: From her statement we dnt nid a spirit to tell us that she is d Speaker of the house of Side chicks…
Training kee u dia.

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Shalom Emmanuel: Is that your prayer for yourself so that I can conclude it for YOU with an AMEN for YOU!

Wisdom Daniel: Well social media gives you the platform to show your stupidity to the whole world so keep em coming so that we all see it and laugh in this hard times

Chukwu Ogechi: When you get married you will understand the efficacy of the words your are saying, it’s easier said.

Wisdom Agudo: All this beauty without brain girls them,
Just because they manage fine small they will be doing anyhow
Just look at what someone said

Anyways let’s just assume she’s joking because she can never be serious on that.

Jessica Dalls: Like you said my husband which means he started training me when we weren’t married, and now we are married let their own boyfriends train them and marry them afterwards…nonsense

SammyXcel Emmanuel: She needs mental evaluation trust me…so is now a man prerogative to train his sidechicken..huh,

so what then is the position of the parents of the so called side chicken to her daughter..🤣🤣

Omoso Emmanuel: We the husband material say thank you dear, tanks for speaking for us, ur rewards are in heaven

Peter Oche Abel: Absolute bullshit..
I’m grateful to him for training me but that doesn’t warrant him to cheat on me.. He should’ve train others the time he was training me and select the first class upper then not now ..
Close your zip Mister

Oshe Emmanuel: Because he trained his wife, he should now open slay queens academy abi. See your face like that papa Onome bingo for our backyard

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Ima Bong: What’s d husband married when he was training her or was she also side chic….nonsense n fowl …justify stupid things….bringing untimely death for himself

Ify Nacy Ifeoma: Ewu
Look for your own husband to train you and marry you, na to train people my hubby come life come do? Lazy thing

Esther Momoh: Then he shouldn’t have married her na , he should have continue his charity work . Who forced him to marry her na

Chigozie Emmanuel Uche: What of those that made but through school with their blood and sweat with those legs closed yet side chicks won’t allow them have a happy home

Emma Lex: These men that train sidechicks in school..how do you do it??
I no dey womanize cos I no fit get mind give girl wee no be my finance or wife 10k….
I can’t

Nene Smart Ogbodo: U are responsibly mad nne🙄🙄🙄🙄 keep looking for someones hubby to train u in school till u jam hot water

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