“You need to keep up, your husband has to always see the pretty woman he married whenever he looks at you” ~ Anita Joseph tells women

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Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has taken to Instagram to advise married woman about their looks and how to keep their husbands attracted to them.

According to the actress, you need to marry a man that gets you in the mood whenever you see him, and you have to keep up, as your husband needs to see you how you were when you met.

“Married women listen, this is the time the shakara starts.

Open your eyes, when you are in the kitchen be sexy, sweet and hot. You need to see me in the kitchen, my husband grabs me everywhere. That you are married with kids doesn’t mean you should do shakara, this is the time to do shakara. Why are you tying wrapper? The man will run away. You husband needs to see you how you were when you guys met, I know some things might have changed, but keep up. Don’t be like a mad woman, take care of yourself” she said.

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Anita and her husband, Michael Fisayo got married in February in a private ceremony.

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Thelma Igwebuike
This is a bad advice..me that was like fish bone before i got married..now i have flesh and looks more beautiful..i cannot keep up with my old self ooo that is backwardness…Anyways Anita slow down a bit ina agba oke speed..speaking from 10yrs of experience..dem no dey carry marriage for head..

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Stanley Glory
Ani there is truth in what u said but de most important tin is for de money to be there, if dere is no money, how will somebody keep up with de way she was befor her husband met her and mind u alot of woman change(body, etc) after childbirth

Gracia David
It true but wen there is money mak God provide because wen u give birth sometimes u even forget about urself and put ur child first

Franky JP Chijioke
This Anita ever since she got married she turned to Marriage counsellor. Calm down ni the road is still far and its very rough . I pray you still maintain this positivity during stormy days.

Blessing Darby
Hate it or like it, she is 100% right!! Remain how he met you!!! If he met you as a club girl, remain a Club, if he met you as a Church girl remain, a Church!! You can’t swim between two opinion!!!

Kobani Eric
kill yourself trying to be your old self or look the same way he met you… we grow everyday and so far you’ve given Birth you grow older.. to me just ensure you don’t have body odour and you not a sluggard

Kossy Anita
Aunty slow down wit this ur marriage counseling, there’s more to marriage than all this show off
Somtimes, I enjoy my single hood like that, marriage scares de hell outta me

Robert Agwu
Wait o
Is this woman the first to marry?
Is she the first to have husband?
Why this thing dey shark her like this?
We Don hear,you and your husband should go and rest biko

Maureen Eugene Okoye
Go and get pregnant before saying this nonsense, maybe ur Tommy will remain flat through out the pregnancy cus that was how he met u

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Nkiru Kanu Emmanuel
U fine abi u sexy as u de now wen him marry u,I beg ur body no follow for wetin de sef,since wey u marry na soso writeup we de see for social media,my sister pls observe social distancing for now,biko

Slim Joe
Madam thank you. I don’t want to know if your marriage is yesterday or 20years ago, to say the truth some ladies think that once they get married life end there. And that’s why there is plenty divorce right now

Akpesiri Bami’dele
Well it’s just ladies for you… I have
A friend that goes to club every Friday, updates tweaking video on FB, Instagram and whatsapp every minute, snaps inside different hotels and cars…. Anty got married and next thing she’s telling me to write my prayer point and hide inside Bible and pray to God and the right man will come… I just dropped the phone and cried

Ajayi Dunni
Don’t kill yourself , No matter how you tried for man he will still have a mistress behind your back.😎

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