“You will die single if you are afraid of destroying other people’s relationships” – Lady says


A lady identified as Alum Bae has advised people to stop being scared of destroying other people’s relationships, unless they want to die single.

She advised both boys and girls to snatch and resnatch until they finally settle for the partner of their dreams. According to her, the game doesn’t pity anybody.

In her words;

“You will die single if you are afraid of destroying other people’s relationships. Don’t pity anybody. Snatch and re-snatch until you settle. Remember your first heartbreak?💔 How your bf/gf was taken? How you felt? The game doesn’t pity you. So don’t pity anybody! Be ruthless.”

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Martin Beck: What are we if not exs in the hands of our current partners. LOL.

What she said is true, but I think the tone of the message made it appear somehow. Just don’t actively break up the relationship of other people. That is where the problem lies.

You don’t have to break it up, just be collecting small small till your own prick or fountain tastes the sweetest and you take over. 😂

David Nosa: No, I don’t agree with this.. I believe if someone is meant for you they’ll surely be yours.. You don’t need to drag anyone from anybody to make them yours… after snatching, that person might dump you for another… Something that is truly meant for you won’t give you so much stress to maintain… And that’s why people go out of their way to do unimaginable things just to get someone to themselves..
Allow what’s yours to locate you jejely..
So that it doesn’t end in premium tears!!😭

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Omolara Emmanuel: I’ll never make anybody sad to satisfy myself. The last thing I’ll do is to snatch someone’s man. If the same thing is done to me, I’ll feel bad.
If you no fear juju fear God.

Juliet Cliff: Hmmm is true but am afraid of acids and babalawo…make man pikin no go die sala.

Ify Ebole: Snatch and re-snatch award winner till you enter off sight, olosho don carry anger and heartbreak enter any man that comes her way, take it easyoo life doesn’t go well that way, please think of your future and ask God for directions.

Tar Eve: I can’t do that to anyone. You will end being used and dumped by this guys.

Victor Alexander: I don’t support this. Even if you snatch someone else’s boo or bae that doesn’t guarantee true love…. Your just leading people to their grave.

“You will die single if you are afraid of destroying other people’s relationships” – Lady says
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