“Your wife shouldn’t matter more than me” – Sad wife leaks husband’s chat with side chick who gave him 7 days to abandon his family and marry her


An aggrieved wife has shared the conversation between her husband and his side chick who wants him to leave his family and tie the knot with her.


Her husband, who has apparently been cheating on his wife with his side chick, has been in search of a way to leave the marriage and marry his mistress.

As can be deduced from the screenshots of the chat that was shared online, the side chick complained the lady’s husband about his wife being a hindrance to their relationship, saying she can no longer condone her.

She then gave him 7 days ultimatum to abandon his wife and their kids and marry her, so they can be together.

Read conversation below;

See comments and reactions

Lovina John: The man will go home now and look for every means to have issue with wifey, so he can have an excuse to leave his family.
Baby kee you dire…. I wonder when last he even called his wife baby.
I just pity your wife and kids at home 😥😥

Emamezi Oghale: See men them praying against side chicks and I am wondering, who dae get the side chicks and hen na? Na spirit? Women, we are our own problem. Know this n know peace. It’s sad

Sandra Onoche: I have said it before that husband are scarce this days, then some people thought that I was stupid by saying such thing

Imagine, one husband and three unknowingly to each others wives, with 36 concubines/side chick

Wahala for who no marry God fearing and self control man

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MC Ehisoso: When you try to destroy another person’s happiness yours will be waiting for you and will be more deadly. This girl must be a daughter of a native doctor because she talks as if there is a charm is her tongue to hypnotize the man.
Men you have to be very careful because daughters of jezibel are all over.

Princess Dhuncee: Some girls are really mentally ill,how on Earth would you expect a government car to be yours,even if you covet it you must pay for your actions

Solomon Meremikwu: Women are problems unto themselves, most of these women spitting fire here also dated married men sometime before getting married. The solution is for women to say no to dating of married men.

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