Recent Job Openings at Amaiden Energy Nigeria Limited

Amaiden Energy Nigeria Limited (formerly Moody International Nigeria Limited) was established in 1996 as a partnership between Moody International Group and Nigerian investors. Since commencing operations in March 1997 the company continues to grow and exerts its presence in numerous Projects in the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Contracts Advisor III

Location: Nigeria
Category: Contract Engineers
Job Type: Contracts
Job Nature: Standard

Main Functions

  • The Contracts Advisor supports or leads the implementation of project contracting.
  • This may include strategy and planning work during early project development phases, contractor qualification, leading and managing commercial aspects of Pre-front end engineering design (FEED) / FEED / Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract development process, assisting in contractor evaluation, selection, and award recommendation, ensuring execution and administration of high quality prime contracts, and coordinating interfaces post-contract award for the project through contract close-out.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Manages process, produces deliverables, and updates tools to support development of project contracting strategy, contractor qualification, bid slates, tender, and evaluate proposals
  • Develops detailed Contracting Plan(s) consistent with overall Contracting Strategy
  • Develops Invitation to Tender (ITT) packages consistent with responsibility matrix
  • Maintains database of all correspondence to ensure all questions and clarifications have been properly documented and issues agreed to are reflected in final proposals
  • Leads or supports negotiations of any contested contractual terms and conditions
  • Conforms all contract documents consistent with selected bidder’s proposal, subsequent clarifications and final negotiations
  • Obtains final functional review/endorsement of contract documents, as required (e.g., Law, Audit, Controllers, etc.), as well as required endorsements
  • Provides pricing / other commercial analysis to Project Team (PT) for development of contract award recommendation
  • Assists PT in obtaining contract award endorsements/approvals from Sr. Management and other stakeholders
  • Develops and maintains final contract files (all components), as required
  • Develops and leads internal kick-off meeting(s) with Company personnel to ensure contract awareness, reviews contract terms and conditions, change order process, and claims avoidance
  • Develops materials for external kick-off meetings with Company and Contractor personnel to review key parts of the contract (e.g. Principal Document, Coordination Procedure, change order process, etc.)
  • Leads or supports Contract Administration, including working with project and business managers in aligning on contract administration responsibilities
  • Reviews and comments on Contractor’s contracting and subcontracting plans, procedures, processes, and deliverables to ensure compliance with Company’s requirements
  • Expedites and files Contractor commercial documents (e.g., insurance certificates, Parent Company Guarantees, LOCs, etc.), and files original Bank Guarantees/LOCs per agreed processes
  • Reviews and updates project file system / procedures and Master Document Register
  • Reviews, updates, and coordinates PT contractual correspondence procedures/communications, including any notices associated with the contract (PT Document Distribution matrix)
  • Develops and monitors approval process and compliance with invoicing and payment process
  • Coordinates change control process, including: amendments, change notices, change orders and other contract changes (e.g., Management of Change (MOC) process, Change Order log, Deviation log)
  • Oversees Contractor’s subcontracting activities, coordinate PT engagement in Company review / approval of individual subcontracting plans, and subcontract development activities from qualification through award / execution
  • Advises project team of contract administration and subcontracting issues, and steps being taken to mitigate consequences
  • Measures contractor performance and provides feedback through project and functional management
  • Captures and communicates contract administration and subcontracting company’s lessons learned for project
  • Develops the Contract Close Out Plan (part of the Project Close Out Plan)
  • Establishes a close-out agreement with Contractor (settlement of any outstanding items)

Job Requirements

  • B.Sc in Engineering preferred
  • Experience in Contracts Engineering / Administration preferred
  • Previous experience in a closely related position required
  • Experience in commercial negotiations, contractor management and contract administration
  • Broad understanding of project execution and contracting principles, theories, and concepts
  • Willing to business travel or relocate to project sites (domestic / overseas)
  • Owner/Operator experience in project management roles preferred
  • Professional qualification / certification from related professional body, (ISM – CPM / CPSM, APICS, PMP).

Application Closing Date
31st October, 2023.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: IM Support Officer

Location: Nigeria
Category: Others
Job Type: Contracts
Job Nature: Standard

Purpose & Accountabilities

  • Maintain the project reference data libraries for each data-oriented application.
  • Collect and validate data from the execution contractors and/or internal Capital Project stakeholders into a central data repository.
  • Assist with the preparation of data handover to Commissioning and to Operations, or handover to Operations.
  • Prepare and issue data performance reports.
  • Liaise with relevant support groups to deliver and configure data management tools to support the management of data through the project lifecycle.
  • Provide on-boarding training for project team members dealing with Data Control, and EPC.
  • Assist with physical asset validation required as part of pre-commissioning, commissioning, and handover activities.
  • Support the retrieval of brownfield documents as requested by the EPC Contractor.
  • Support the concurrent engineering process for brownfield documentation.


  • Multiple stakeholders include JV Partners, EPC consortium, Project and Asset engineers, and Government Agencies.
  • EPC Consortium is expected to operate from multiple locations with personnel from different nationalities.

Job Requirements

  • Graduate in Engineering (desirable).
  • Previous experience in Engineering IM is desirable.
  • Data control processes and systems, with exposure in an engineering/project environment, cross-disciplined engineering data (requirements and use) including business data model of engineering, Maintenance Management System build processes (desirable).
  • Experience in working with Engineering Data Warehouse (EDW) systems is desirable.
  • Knowledge of engineering applications in terms of data content, for example, PDMS, P&ID, SPEL, SPI, SAP/PM.; project reporting software such as PowerBI, MS Access, and Excel.
  • Engineering IM Scope of Work and Information Specification in a major contract.
  • Experience in the use of EDMS – Pacer-D and Assai (desirable) and knowledge of Concurrent Engineering document management.

Application Closing Date
31st October, 2023.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Marine Engineer (Expat)

Location: Nigeria
Job type: Contract
Catgory: Marine
Job Nature: Standard


  • The Marine Engineer for this position will support COMPANY Marine Assurance framework and follow up fleet-wide Technical Operator of vessels in the following areas:
  • Inspections and Surveys of Vessel main propulsion and auxiliary machinery – Complement inspections performed by Marine Assurance Superintendents by in depth inspections and surveys of each vessel in the fleet to assess their condition, identify maintenance requirements, and ensure vessel operators are in line with COMPANY expectations, classification society rules and flag state regulations.
  • Maintenance Plan Review – Review and monitor planned maintenance system status for each vessel in the fleet.
  • Ensure that the plans align with COMPANY technical assurance framework and comply with manufacturer recommendations and industry standards.
  • Oversight on Vessel Operator Maintenance Activities: Follow maintenance activities across the fleet to give clarity on what is being done and ensure potential impact on COMPANY operations are known and fully taken into consideration.
  • Maintenance Days Administration – Oversight of vessel maintenance days programme across fleet.
  • Spare Parts Inventory Management – Follow spare parts inventory across the fleet and work with marine operators to ensure that critical spare parts are available when needed to avoid extended downtime.
  • Technical Troubleshooting – Provide technical insights for COMPANY when vessel engineering teams and technical managers troubleshoot and resolve technical issues that may arise during vessel operations. This includes machinery breakdowns, equipment failures, and other engineeringrelated problems.
  • Equipment Acceptance Trials/Testing – Act as COMPANY witness in acceptance trials/tests from a machinery perspective for any vessel pre-hire, post breakdown and post maintenance processes requiring such testing.
  • Technical Performance Monitoring – Establish a system for ongoing technical performance monitoring of each vessel, tracking operational efficiency, machinery health, and technical safety records.
  • Analyse data trends to identify areas of improvement and optimize vessel performance.
  • Performance Benchmarking – Benchmark the technical performance of vessels across different marine operators to identify best practices and areas for improvement.
  • Encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration between operators to enhance overall fleet performance.
  • Documentation and Reporting – Maintain comprehensive documentation of technical assurance activities, including audit reports, assessment findings, incident records, and improvement initiatives.
  • Generate regular reports for COMPANY to track progress of vessel operators and highlight focus areas.
  • Coaching of Operator Technical Personnel – Provide coaching for vessel engineering teams and technical managers on COMPANY technical assurance expectations in areas of vessel operations, equipment handling, maintenance practices, and safety protocols.
  • Risk Management – Contribute to risk assessment and management strategies to identify potential hazards and mitigate risks related to vessel operations.
  • Monitor safety-related incidents from a technical perspective and facilitate investigations to prevent future occurrences.
  • Incident Reporting and Analysis – Establish a comprehensive incident reporting and analysis system to capture and analyse technical incidents, near-misses, and accidents.
  • Use the findings to enhance safety protocols and prevent recurrence.
  • Root Cause Analysis – Conduct root cause analysis for significant technical failures or incidents.
  • Collaborate with marine operators to identify underlying issues, implement corrective actions, and prevent reoccurrence.
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation: Promote a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in technical operations.
  • Encourage the adoption of new technologies and best practices to enhance the fleet’s efficiency, reliability, and safety.
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction – Actively contribute to COMPANY Carbon Footprint reduction initiatives by proposing, reviewing, and implementing innovative ideas linked to improvement in vessel technical efficiencies.
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Job Requirements

  • Educational Qualifications – Class 1 Chief Engineer Unlimited licence is required. A Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Marine Engineering or a related field is beneficial.
  • Professional Experience – A minimum of 10 years of relevant experience in marine engineering with at least 3 years as senior engineer on board vessels (> 3000 KW), including significant experience in DP offshore support vessel operations, maintenance, and technical assurance.
  • Previous experience in a supervisory or managerial role overseeing a fleet of vessels operated by multiple marine operators is highly desirable.
  • The Marine Engineer Superintendent – Marine Technical Assurance is expected to possess a combination of strong technical knowledge, leadership abilities, and managerial skills.
  • They should have a proven track record in overseeing the technical operations of offshore support vessels and ensuring compliance, safety, and optimal performance across the fleet operated by multiple marine operators.
  • Additionally, their qualifications and experience should reflect a comprehensive understanding of marine engineering principles and a commitment to driving continuous improvement in the technical aspects of vessel operations.
  • Technical Knowledge – In depth knowledge of marine engineering principles, vessel systems, and machinery operation, as well as a strong understanding of classification society rules, flag state regulations, and industry standards.
  • Familiarity with various types of offshore support vessels, including anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessels, platform supply vessels (PSVs), Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs) and crew boats.
  • Familiarity with industry standards for DP systems, such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) MSC/Circ.645 guidelines and the Offshore Vessel Dynamic Positioning Assurance (OV-DPA) standard.
  • Compliance and Safety Expertise – Proven expertise in ensuring compliance with industry regulations, company policies, and safety standards, with a strong track record of implementing safety improvement initiatives.
  • Experience in conducting technical audits and assessments to evaluate vessel compliance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Fleet Technical Performance Management – Demonstrated ability to monitor and analyse technical performance data, including fuel efficiency, machinery health, and maintenance records, to optimize vessel operations and performance.

Application Closing Date
3rd November, 2023.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Electrotechnical Engineer

Location: Nigeria
Job type: Contract
Catgory: Engineering
Job Nature: Standard


  • As a complement to the Senior Marine Engineer function, an Electrotechnical Engineer is required to provide support for COMPANY Marine Assurance Framework on the following themes:
  • Electrical and Electronics Concerns:
    • Electrical Systems Integrity
    • Power Management
    • Emergency Backup Systems
    • Navigation and Communication Equipment
    • Automation and Control Systems – PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and SCADA
    • (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).
    • Dynamic Positioning (DP) Systems
    • Fire Detection and Suppression
    • Safety Equipment
    • Communication Infrastructure
    • Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance:
    • Cybersecurity
  • Marine Assurance Tools Administration:
    • Marine Assurance Studio development and implementation – Digital tools convergence
    • Navigate
  • Power BI reports:
    • KPI tracking – Technical reliability, Fuel use etc.
    • Planning

Educational Qualifications

  • Electrotechnical Officer Licence up to Class 2 Certificate of Competence is required.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering or related field will be an advantage.
  • Specialized training in Dynamic Positioning Systems from recognized institutions or DP training centres. Certification as a DP Engineer, demonstrating expertise in DP technology.

Professional Knowledge and Experience:

  • Extensive experience as a Shipboard Electrotechnical Officer on DP Offshore Support vessels (> 3000 KW).
  • In-depth knowledge of maritime electrical systems, regulations, and best practices.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to make informed decisions under pressure.
  • Proficiency in using relevant software tools for data analysis and reporting.
  • Awareness of cybersecurity considerations for DP systems to protect against potential cyber threats and ensure the integrity of critical control systems.
  • Knowledge of DP control software and algorithms, understanding their implementation, and fine-tuning for optimal vessel positioning and stability in diverse environmental conditions.
  • Knowledge of the different components and sensors involved in a DP setup, including position reference systems (GNSS, DGPS, etc.), motion sensors, and propulsion control.
  • Proven ability to diagnose and troubleshoot complex issues related to DP systems, including communication problems, sensor calibration, and control loop tuning.

Application Closing Date
3rd November, 2023.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Senior Technical Integrity Engineer

Location: Nigeria
Employment Type: Full Time

Job Description

  • Integral part of the Technical Integrity Team within the Technical Integrity & Major Risk organization.
  • Scope of responsibility covers both onshore and offshore JV assets: OML58 (Obagi Flowstation, Obite Treatment Center), Northern Option Pipeline (NOPL), Owaza, Rumuji and offshore JV asset: OML99 (AMP1/ AMP2/ AMD1/ AMD2/ AMD3 and IKD1), OML100 (FSO Unity, Odudu, Afia, Ime, Edikan) and OML102 (OFP1/ OFP2/ OFD1/ OFD2/ OFD5).
  • Assure integrity of JV Sites (OMLs 58, 99, 100, 102, NOPL) whilst maintaining production. JV assets feature predominantly ageing assets with considerable integrity assurance follow up.
    • Well integrity: 424 wells
    • Pipelines: 34 pipelines
    • Tanks: 8 storage tanks and 84 diesel tanks.
  • Floating Unit: FSO Unity (first oil 2003), currently undergoing Life Extension studies
  • Active participation to Technical Integrity studies: Long Term Plan, Asset Reviews, Derogation & Downgraded Situation Reviews, TRA and support to Projects within the JV perimeter.
  • Interfaces and periodic reviews with Management (Technical Integrity Review Team meeting, Integrity & Major Risk Board meeting) and HQ (DIG AFR, 1 on 1 meeting).
  • Work transversely with other entities such as Sites, Maintenance and Inspection, ECP, Production Support, HSE as well as SECE Guardians / Technical Authorities (24 pax) on achieving asset integrity targets across the JV assets.
  • Support Technical Services i.e., Drilling & Wells, Technical Logistics (Onne) and Shared Services (Facility Management & Administration) on integrity subjects.
  • Possess expertise and autonomy to cover Technical Integrity Manager, JV-A during temporary period of absence.

The incumbent is required to support:

  • Identification and Management of Major Integrity Threats (MIT)
  • Participate to the identification of Integrity Threats, risk assessment processes and processes to proffer resolution with concerned entity, i.e., Field Operations, Drilling & Wells, Engineering Construction and Project, Technical Logistics and General Administration.
  • Prepare and follow up all technical integrity KPIs; especially KPI MRT. Trend progress and performance evolution and issue monthly report.
  • Assist the Technical Integrity Manager in Life of Project (LOP) Cost arbitration for identified MITs + JV Long-term MIT Action Plan follow up.
  • Engage in repair selection concept and track resolution (in time and budget).
  • Prepare monthly integrity dashboards (updated risk matrix, threat cards) + annual Integrity & Major Risk report + annual Integrity Improvement Plan for Technical Integrity Manager review.
  • Coordinate Technical Integrity Projects with the JV Assets.
  • Stewardship of the update and analysis for improvement of TIMR dashboard (s).

Coordination of Risk Committees:

  • Sustain communication with company management and liaison with HQ entities, e.g., DG/PSR/RM, at affiliate periodic reviews, e.g., DIG/AF reviews and scheduled interface meetings.
  • Co-ordinate annual plan for (2)-monthly Technical Integrity Review Teams, TIRT meetings and follow up on the recommendations to closure.
  • Contribute to Technological Risk Committee meetings in Company and keep communication with HQ on TRA progress.
  • Support to the development, continuous improvement and tracking of key performance indicators as well as implement reporting tools as required by affiliate management and HQ.

Involvement in Technological Risk Assessment and Safety and Environmental Critical Equipment:

  • Participate in TRA risk reduction workshops and follow up on Action Plans.
  • Co-ordinate Safety and Environment Critical Element (SECE) implementation project and verification as custodian of the database.
  • Liaise with Asset owners for any independent Verification of Asset SECEs Tasks/Campaigns.
  • Interface with nominated SECE guardians for follow-up on SECEs performance improvement.
  • Participate to as well as co-ordinate induction processes of newly appointed SECE Guardians for JV-Assets.
  • Maintain, communicate and report on overview of the maintenance and inspection as well as general facilities (including wells) integrity inspection/tests plan status and backlogs, ensuring that this is regularly communicated and discussed with the JV Asset Management in a timely manner.
  • Ensure implementation of major integrity REX on the JV sites.

Networking and Enhancement of Good Image:

  • Represent Company in the absence of the Technical Integrity Manager in engagement with authorities, other Oil, Gas and Energy operators and partners on subjects related to Technical Integrity and Major Risks.
  • Develop and sustain strategy for Technical Integrity communications on JV Assets.
  • Co-ordinate meetings and discussions with other technical integrity stakeholder departments for action follow up.
  • Interface with site on Technical Integrity campaigns/projects (site visits).
  • Work toward harmonization of reporting processes between the JV Assets and Technical Integrity & Major Risk Team for reporting and integrity.
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Audits, Investigation and Performance Reviews:

  • Initiate and conduct annual audit plan for JV Integrity Management System and follow-up audit actions for performance improvement.
  • Act as focal point for any major accident investigation and CTA for JV Assets.
  • Participates with other entities and/or disciplines to external audits such as OPERSAFE, HAZID, HAZOP, PTR, ISO 50001, 1400, etc.

Implementation of CR-GR-HSE-403 on Technical Integrity Management on JV-A sites:

  • Contribute to the definition and implementation of an effective Technical Integrity & Major Risk policy covering protection of personnel, care for the environment, preservation of installations and related reference system.
  • Lead SECE project implementation and verification to ensure all necessary people, systems, processes and resources are in place, in use and fit for purpose.
  • Audit technical, human barriers and equipment, facilities & operations to ensure compliance with Integrity Management System.
  • Data gathering from other entities (Interfacing with other entities involved in technical integrity) and follow up of asset integrity KPIs including KPI MRT improvement as per CEDP affiliate benchmarks.
  • Sufficient autonomy and expertise to act as Technical Integrity Manager, JVA during planned and unscheduled absences.


  • A relevant Engineering Degree preferably in Corrosion Engineering, Mechanical, Engineering or Metallurgy.
  • Experienced Engineer with minimum of 10 years working knowledge in exploration and production industry.
  • Good knowledge of the Company’s HSE and Operations referential as well as awareness of Company’s in-house tools: SAP, SYNERGI etc.
  • Good understanding of Risks associated with Operations in the Oil & Gas and related activities, and means for their prevention, control, and mitigation.
  • Good background in site operations, asset integrity, maintenance, inspection, and corrosion control would be an advantage.
  • Good knowledge of the Company’s business, and its organization and internal & external interfaces.

Application Closing Date
5th November, 2023.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Telecom Methods and Projects Engineer (TBD)

Location: Nigeria
Employment Type: Contract
Job Nature: Standard
Category: Automobile / Automotive


  • Studying and driving improvements where possible of existing policies, procedures, and processes.
  • Monitoring contract performance to ensure compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and adherence to the Quality Assurance Plan.
  • Ensuring that Service Quality Meetings with service providers are carried out based on the approved schedule in collaboration with the technical team.
  • Analyzing the telecommunications market, monitoring the evolution of new solutions, and proposing improvement practices. Developing an obsolescence schedule. Providing technical support for the design and upgrade of existing infrastructure.
  • Following up on Telecom project methodology and quality compliance.
  • Liaising with relevant Government Regulatory/Licensing authorities to obtain the necessary licenses and permits for the efficient operation of the company’s Telecom infrastructure/services (e.g., MOC, NCC, NCAA).
  • Ensuring adherence to planned preventive maintenance schedules, backup procedures, curative interventions, or recovery processes.
  • Ensuring the regular update of relevant records, diagrams, databases, KPI resources, CMDB Inventory, and telephone directories in line with Telecom Operations.
  • Establishing, documenting, and maintaining general and technical specifications and operating standards for projects and systems.
  • Ensuring the optimal stocking of equipment spares and consumables.
  • Providing regular feedback and following up on critical/important issues with external service providers.
  • Developing models of information or communications means in conjunction with PSMC.
  • Providing regular updates and following up on the resolution of system and network faults and incidents that may hamper system performance.
  • Recommending cost-effective options, reviewing them with relevant teams, and validating them with the Budget owner.
  • Maintaining and updating approved equipment service purchase delivery schedules through the C&P department.
  • Recommending and implementing approved proposals for materials and service frame agreements.
  • Contributing to the development of the scope of work and participating in the evaluation process.
  • Preparing the yearly Telecom budget and IST needs forecast by consulting with other Team members.
  • Ensuring consistency of solutions with standards and Total Headquarter practices in the affiliate.
  • Ensuring that project activities, operational activities, interface meetings, workshops, and any other development are well documented and participating in Partners’ review meetings.
  • Ensuring good quality control of Telecoms processes and services through the implementation of procedures and policies. Ensuring effective data management of Telecoms Operational and Projects documents in line with company rules and policies.
  • Ensuring easy access, availability, and accuracy of Telecoms Data while also ensuring the security and integrity of data information on the network against external threats and unauthorized access.
  • Monitoring Telecoms performance and compliance with group standards through regular updates of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreements.

Job Requirements

  • B.Eng or M.Sc Degree in Engineering (Electrical / Electronic / Computer) or Computer Science.
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in Telecoms systems management, preferably in an Oil and Gas environment.
  • Good documentation and sound analytical skills.
  • Very good ability to prioritize tasks and work under pressure.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Strong team player.

Application Closing Date
7th November, 2023.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Drilling & Wells Cost Controller

Location: Nigeria
Employment Type: Contract

Job Description
The incumbent is required to:

  • Prepares annual budget (both Corporate & Partner) for entity in conjunction with technical responsible
  • Prepares revised forecast information based on latest work scope
  • Participates in NAPIMS Sub-Committee meetings to defend Budget / Performance in order to achieve the necessary approvals
  • Prepares all necessary documentation for the month end closure (manual accrual’s, SKF’s, etc.) to ensure an accurate financial performance
  • Ensures all tasks are carried out in order to achieve SOX compliance
  • Prepares monthly cost report with variance analysis to help technical responsible manage their budgets / costs
  • Provides monthly information for the NAPIMS cash call to ensure sufficient funding for the activities
  • Process and verify invoices to ensure timely payment
  • Schedules meetings monthly to discuss reports and finance related issues with Technical responsible.
  • Ad hoc variance analysis for District management / Corporate Finance
  • Periodic reconciliation of technical cost sheets with SAP Values to ensure adequate follow up of daily drilling cost.
  • Creation of RFS purchase orders and maintenance of schedules for proper cost follow up.
  • Liaison with Technical logistics and budget and reporting teams to ensure correctness of allocated cost.
  • Tasks very deadline driven to comply with both Corporate and Partner requirements
  • Works very closely with technical / budget responsible to ensure accurate financial information in line with work programs
  • Need for good management of RFS processes.
  • Supports the entity in financial matters so the technical personnel fully understand their budget / performance
  • Ensures all financial information is captured in an accurate, compliant and timely manner

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a Finance or Engineering
  • 5 years Finance / Cost Control experience
  • Good systems knowledge, especially SAP and Excel
  • Good interpersonal / analytical skills.

Application Closing Date
30th November, 2023.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online




Job Title: Pipeline Engineer II

Location: Nigeria
Category: Piping, Pipelines
Job Type: Contracts
Job Nature: Standard

Main Functions

  • Evaluate and comment on discipline engineering work performed both internally and by Contractors and sub-contractors to ensure that work is being executed in accordance with Company specifications, company standards, and regulatory requirements.
  • Facilitates effective execution of discipline engineering and design routines that align with the team’s goals, objectives, and procedures.
  • Assures accurate and timely communication among the team and other company Functions on discipline engineering activities, progress, and issues. In addition to technical ability, they should demonstrate sound communication, facilitation, and interpersonal skills.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Plan and manage the pipeline and subsea activities in early part of the project phases.
  • Provide pipeline engineering inputs.
  • Provide technical authority assurance role.
  • Define fit for purpose pipeline solutions.
  • Lead pipeline feasibility and concept select studies, performing pipeline routing studies, execute hydraulic analyses, perform onshore/offshore pipeline mechanical design including support for material selection, cost estimating and constructability reviews.
  • Project Management and supervision of 3rd Party Contractor activities, review, improve and approve Front End Engineering and Design, and Detailed Design documents.
  • Assess development risks, including HS&E assessment, and propose mitigation plan.
  • Plan and implement assurance process at key stages of the development.
  • Support the Business Planning and Work Program and Budget exercise.
  • Focus on Standard Solution & New Business Development opportunities from identify stage to Basis for Design.
  • Ensure deployment of new technology and drive applications gaining acceptance with the projects/assets leaders.
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Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Civil or Mechanical Engineering or related Engineering specialty or equivalent professional experience
  • Oil and gas experience preferred
  • Experience in dealing with front end project delivery
  • Robust experience in business and project planning.
  • Strong experience of working with sub-surface disciplines.
  • Requires strong knowledge of offshore facilities, and offshore facilities project delivery and awareness of worldwide practices, successes, failures and technical benchmarks.
  • Strong knowledge of discipline design standards, specifications, codes, and appropriate safety criteria
  • Ability to adapt to tight deadlines, heavy workloads, and frequent changes in priorities
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite of software programs
  • Read, write, and speak fluent English, especially as it applies to technical and business communications.

Application Closing Date
30th November, 2023.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online



Job Title: Senior Safety Engineer

Location: Nigeria
Job type: Contract

Job Description
Service Dimensions:

  • Contribute to the definition and implementation of an effective HSE policy covering protection of personnel, care for the environment, preservation of installations and related reference system.
  • Implementation of CR-GR-HSE-301 on Technological Risk Management.
  • Contribute to prevention of Major Accident Hazards through implementation of barrier management solutions.

The incumbent is required to:

Ensure compliance to applicable local/international regulations and Company referential:

  • Make input on Technical Safety documents for facilities /assets design, operation, and abandonment, in conformity with Group, Industry, and Statutory requirements.
  • Provide Safety Engineering support on studies conducted internally and follow up Safety Engineering studies undertaken by Contractors as assigned by hierarchy.

Provide support to operated facilities:

  • Undertake periodic updates of facility Safety Concepts.
  • and make necessary inputs to all safety-related modifications and corresponding engineering documents to existing facilities (P&ID, ESD Logic, Fire and Gas Cause and effects charts, Active and passive firefighting, fire and gas detection, escape and evacuation route, Hazardous area classification, Safety layout, flare radiation)
  • Undertake the development, review, and update of Operational Safety Cases in line with regulatory (NUPRC) requirements for operated sites in Nigeria.

Risk Assessment:

  • Lead specific Safety Engineering studies/reviews in support of the Request for Modification (RFM) process and Downgraded Situations (DGS) – HAZOP, HAZID, BowTie Assessment, etc.
  • Support operational entities in Derogation preparation.
  • Undertake flammable/toxic gas dispersion, fire, and explosion consequence modeling using PHAST software, and interpret results for the safe operation of oil and gas facilities.
  • Undertake Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) assessment process and SIL assignment for Safety Instrumented Systems within oil and gas facilities in line with GS GR HSE 306.

Major Risk Management:

  • Facilitate Safety and Environmental Critical Element (SECE) identification workshops and the follow-up of Safety Engineering responsibilities as specified in GS GR HSE 311.
  • Lead in major risk identification, develop risk reduction measures for managing technological risks, and monitor implementation in compliance with the group referential (GS GR HSE 312) for technological risk assessment (TRA).
  • Lead Major Risk awareness training and barrier verification exercises.
  • Promote Major Risk awareness within TUCN via the development of Process Safety Event articles for dissemination to operated assets.
  • Support Major Risk management implementation through the development of a dashboard for monitoring barrier status.
  • Provide process safety support to Engineering Construction and projects (ECP), Operational / Asset Operated by Others (AOBO) entities, and partners on risk management issues.

Job Requirements

  • B.Sc Degree or equivalent in Chemical, Petroleum, or related Engineering (an M.Sc. degree in Safety Engineering or similar is a plus.
  • Typically, 10 years of oil and gas industry professional experience of which at least 5 years in an equivalent position as Safety & Loss Prevention Engineer.
  • Good knowledge of Loss Prevention standards and procedures and major hazard legislation. Good knowledge of risk assessment techniques and management (HAZOP, HAZID, HAZAN, QRA) and other reviews.
  • Autonomous with investigation/observation skills, effective communication, and organizational capability.

Application Closing Date
20th November, 2023.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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  2. Scholarship in UK

  3. Scholarship in Europe

  4. Scholarship in Australia

  5. Fully Funded scholarships and Grants


A cover letter is a document that is attached to an application and aims to introduce the candidate more personally. It should supplement information from a CV or curriculum vitae, address skills and achievements, and highlight a selection of the most relevant accomplishments.

Do you see? This isn’t rocket science. It’s just a message supporting your application.



As digital transformation changes traditional roles in the workplace and creates new jobs, there is an urgent need for employees to develop and deepen their technical skills to improve the quality of work, foster creativity and remain employable.

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Important Notes

  • The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work to be performed by those assigned to this function.
  • It should not be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, tasks and skills required of persons so classified.
  • All employees may be required to undertake other responsibilities in addition to those specified from time to time, as required.
  • We do not charge any application, processing, training, interview, testing or any other fees in connection with the application or recruitment process. If you receive a fee request, please ignore it.
  • Also, please note that logos, slogans, names and titles are easily copied and reproduced. Therefore, particular care should be taken when submitting personal information on the web.
  • We are an equal opportunity employer that values ​​inclusiveness and diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of color, race, nationality, religion, age, ethnic origin, disability, gender, marital status or orientation gender in our employment practices
  • Our employees are all equally talented in unique ways: we come from diverse traditions, personal experiences and perspectives. And we want to include your ideas, are you ready to inspire us with your ideas?
  • We encourage all applicants to apply and do not discriminate in any recruitment process.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Due to the necessity of the position, we are entitled to appoint a candidate who matches the required profile before the above deadline
  • Only qualified candidates will be invited for an interview

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