How To Apply for OPEC Fund Grants

How To Apply for OPEC Fund Grants
How To Apply for OPEC Fund Grants


How To Apply for OPEC Fund Grants This is a concise overview of the Guidelines for Grant Applications document, highlighting the revised eligibility criteria for grant financing from the OPEC Fund, as well as the submission process for grant applications. For more comprehensive details, you can download the complete document.

General Principles

All grant applications are expected to adhere to the following general principles:

  1. The requested grant should provide support to initiatives and activities that exhibit clear and measurable developmental impact.
  2. The objectives of the proposed grant activities and projects/programs must align clearly with the strategic goals and priorities of the OPEC Fund. For country-specific grants, preference will be given to proposals that are linked to, complement, or support ongoing operations in the concerned country.
  3. The proposed interventions and activities should be executed in a cost-effective manner.

Types of Grants

The OPEC Fund offers three categories of grants:

  1. Grants for country-specific activities and projects.
  2. Grants for special development initiatives of global or regional significance.
  3. Emergency aid grants to support humanitarian relief operations, including logistical or material assistance for humanitarian purposes.

For all grant types, except emergency aid and support for projects sponsored by other development finance institutions or UN agencies, projects may proceed only with a solid commitment from the respective government.

Country Eligibility

In accordance with the Agreement establishing the OPEC Fund, developing countries other than OPEC Member Countries are eligible for grant assistance. Special attention is given to the needs of Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

How To Apply for OPEC Fund Grants
How To Apply for OPEC Fund Grants

Priority Sectors and Areas

While the OPEC Fund has supported projects across various sectors, such as agriculture, energy, health, transportation, water, and sanitation, it aims to address the specific requirements of partner countries. Additionally, the OPEC Fund extends assistance for emergency aid and selected regional/global initiatives that align with sustainable development priorities.

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Eligible Partners

Eligible partners include government and non-government entities, co-financing partners, private sector firms, research institutes, UN agencies, and international NGOs. Grantees must meet specific eligibility criteria, including a strong track record in implementing similar projects and technical expertise in the relevant field. Non-government, not-for-profit organizations applying for grants (except other DFIs and UN agencies) must provide government approval for the proposed project/activity.

Grant Amount and Co-financing

The OPEC Fund’s contribution amount varies based on the scope and nature of the grant activity or project. However, except for emergency aid and small grants up to US$100,000, the OPEC Fund’s contribution to standalone projects should not exceed 50% of the total project cost.

Submission Guidelines

Grant applications can be submitted on an ad-hoc basis at any time. However, partner organizations are advised not to submit more than one application per year. Additionally, organizations that have received an OPEC Fund grant for an ongoing project in the same country should wait for its successful completion before submitting a new grant application.

To facilitate the assessment of grant applications against eligibility criteria, applicants must submit project proposals using the OPEC Fund Grant Application Form, along with the supporting documents listed in the Annex of the Guidelines for Grant Applications document.

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